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LifeLine Medical Alert

Personal Panic Pendant    

Summon emergency help with just one touch of a button from anywhere in your home. The pendant is a small, compact unit designed to be worn on a belt, clipped to clothing or worn as a pendant. Mobile enough to go just about anywhere, this sensor allows you to activate a 24-hour emergency alarm no matter where you are, whether you're in the living room, in the yard, or in the shower.  
How It All Works

Summon help

Simply push your Lifeline Personal Help Button. ( One touch of a button puts you in touch with our dispatchers, who can send paramedics immediately, 24/7 )

Hear a reassuring voice

No matter the time or day, a trained Dispatcher will answer your call, access your profile, and assess the situation. Over the 2 way voice you don't have to be near a phone, they speak through the intercom system 

Get assistance

After assessing the situation, our associate will contact emergency services, a neighbor, family member, based on your specific needs, and stay connected until help has arrived.

Getting the right help in a timely manner really can be as easy as 1, 2, 3. 
Contact us now to discuss the options right for you.

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